How apps are incorporated into our public lives for entertainment and convenience.
Types of Mobile Apps

Types of Mobile Apps

The mobile apps industry has witnessed exponential growth to cater to mobile users’ ever-growing demand for apps. Today, there are many types of mobile apps tailored for different purposes. In this article, we have listed the most popular mobile app genres.

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1. Social Media Apps

The most popular mobile app genre is social media apps. These apps allow family and friends to connect by sharing messages, photos, and even videos. Interestingly, social media apps also allow users to connect in real-time via video feeds. Some of the best social media apps include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

2. Games

Another popular mobile apps genre is games which take a big chunk of the downloads, be it on iOS or Android platforms.

The popularity of mobile games is attributed to games appealing to all audiences.  There is something for kids, teens and adults. There are different mobile game categories, including arcade games, strategy, adventure, and simulators.

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3. Lifestyle Apps

The lifestyle app category cover so much. As the name suggests, these are mobile apps that cover all matters of lifestyle. The list of apps you can find under the lifestyle category includes fitness, health, dating, food, and travel apps, among others. Lifestyle apps are designed for convenience. With health style apps, people can live healthier lives by following exercise programs and good dieting tips.

4. Productivity Apps

Also known as business apps, these are mobile apps designed for the organisation and streamlining of complex tasks. While most productivity apps are built for a single purpose, others are designed to handle multiple tasks.

Those are four of the most popular mobile app genres. Other worthy mentions include entertainment apps such as Netflix, educational apps, and news apps.